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M&W currently covers: Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

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You need to fill in your Site Information if it is different than Your Contact Information.

M&W currently covers: Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington

County/City Requirements

We need the following information to design your Pole Building :
Building Permit, Site; County, Snow & Wind Loads and Exposure if known.

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Building Information
Style of the building you want

The most known generic styles: Gable, Gambrel, Mansford, Shed Open, Shed Close or Other Style


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This field needs to be filled out. It is basic information for us to be able to estimate price and design of structure.

Building Sizes

Additional Shed(s)

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Siding Material can be: Painted Metal, or Other.

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Entry Door(s)

Our standard Entry Door size: Width x Height (3'x6'-8" or 4' x 6'-8")
We recommend at least 1 Entry Door


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Overhead Door

Size is Flexible, so you need to specify the size of Overhead Door based upon your Pole Building. M&W will help make suggestion as necessary.


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Fill in your approximate size of your Overhead Door(s).
If you are not ready, keep it blank and disscuss it with your Sale Representative.

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Sliding Door

Size is Flexible based upon your Pole Building Size and Purpose.
M&W Rep. will help you finalize the optimum size, later.

Sliding Door Loc

Do you need Sliding Door?
Your Sliding Door(s) location

M&W Standard Window size is: Width x Height (4' x 3'), if you need different size choose "Other", then specify the size you want.

Window Location

Choose your Window requirement

If you choose "Other Size" then specify your chosen window size in Width x Height in feet.

Choose the location of your Window

Your choice can be more than one location.


Two possible choices: Overhang on Sides and Overhang on Ends.
Standard Overhangs Are 18".

Overhang on Ends
Overhang on Sides

Other optional features available such as: Eave Lights, Stalls, Loft etc.

Optional Features

Eave Lite on One Side

M&W Standard: Eave Lites White at eaveline of the building.

Eave Lites on two Sides

M&W Standard: Eave Lites White at eaveline of the building.


M&W Standard: Stalls size (12' x 12' x 8')


Select your choice Yes or No, and the size of it.

If you choose to have loft, fill in the size of it.

Would you like a M&W LABOR Quote

Our average employee has worked here over 14 years. With a combination of years of experience, craftsmanship, and the latest technology in Post Frame Construction, we build the most innovative custom Pole Buildings in our industry.

We pride ourselves on providing good service, a quality product through accurate design & communications for a fair price.

Additional Information
Upload your Drawing or Draw+Upload to us from Scratch

You can upload your existing drawing to us, or you can draw it online, using "online 2D drawing apps", then save it and upload to us, use the Uploading File for your next step.
We accept drawing file type formats: *.png, *.jpg, *.dwg and maximum size 500 kb.
If you use the 2D drawing apps, the result of 2D drawing apps format will be *.png

If you want to draw it online: Click the link below "Link to ONLINE 2D DRAWING",
before that we suggest you read our short desciption on how to use it.
When you click the link, our application will open a second window for your drawing tool to work.
After Saving it (step no. 7), to return back to your quotation form,
click your first window tab, then continue with Uploading File step, in your quotation form.

Short description how to use 2D drawing apps's Tools:
You will be able to create your drawing easily by the help of drawing "Drawing Tool", and a few practices.
How to activate the drawing tool;
"Click" the drawing tool you need (left hand side of your drawing Canvas window),
then bring your cursor into the Canvas destination location, then Drag your mouse to another loation
and Release your left hand mouse.
In creating your 2D drawing, mostly you will use the following drawing tools:
1. "Line" ( to create straight line, when you drag your mouse cursor).
2. "Width" of your cursor, it is represented by size of "Dot"(7) you selected one of the seven sizes.
    The Dot located at right hand side of Canvas Window, "click" the one you needed.
3. "Eraser" Use eraser to erase unexpected drawing accordingly, "click" the Eraser tool icon, bring your 
    cursor to the location you need to erase, then "Drag" you cursor on top of it.
4. "Rectan." if your drawing needs a rectangular shape instead of using "Line", you can use this tool to
    speed up draw a rectangular object, i.e. your building size base, door, window, eave light etc.
5. To add clarity you can use Color selection, click its drop down arrow and select the color pallete
    you need, then click it.
6. After you are finished creating your drawing, click "SAVE" tool, the program will automatically save
    your drawing in png format and put it at your local folder \Downloads in Window Operating System
7. To upload it together with your quotation form submission, do the next step,
    "Uploading File" in this step you will be directed where to find the exact file you have saved.
     It should be found in the latest/newest directory list inside your PC "\Downloads" folder!.

When you click the link to ONLINE 2D DRAWING, and get the error message, try to Refresh your
browser which showing the error, if this error still happens,
first continue to finish your Quotation Form by selecting your first window tab,
and then let us know your difficulty. 


Uploading file from our local storage to your M&W web hosting remote storage.

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