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22175 S. HWY. 99E CANBY, OR
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December 2018
36 X 56 X 14
Pole Building

M&W December 2018 Special Offer

 By now we have all heard how bad the coming winter is predicted to be.  If you were in the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago, you know how bad it can get!  Record snow, rain and wind…… But this winter you will be happy to have an M & W Pole Building that protects your investments, toys and hobbies from the winter storms!  An M&W Pole Building gives you peace of mind when those heavy snow and wind storms hit!  We construct our buildings with only the highest quality material.

This month’s 36x56x14 special includes engineered plans (at 25# snow, 125 wind and B exposure) all the poles, bolts, screws, trusses, nails and steel roofing and siding, Kiln-dried lumber package, one entry door and three 10x12 overhead doors. 

ORDER BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2018 and SAVE $ 1,553.00!!

Kit Price*
$ 21,026.00
(F.O.B. Canby, OR)

Fully constructed price*
$ 29,440.00
(F.O.B, Canby, OR)

*Price for construction within 50 miles of Canby, OR.  Contract must be signed by December 31, 2018, delivery and or construction dependant on county approval, permits and scheduling.  Concrete backfill, concrete floor, site prep and permits are not included.  Can not be used in conjunction with other special offers and/or promotions.  Extra charges may apply if additional engineering is required.


November 2018 Special
36 x 36 x 12


MW November 2018 Offered

We have one of our most versatile buildings as our special this month!  At 1,296 sq ft this building is a perfect size for a shop, storage or garage! Add some stalls to the inside and it can easily be a stall barn! It can even be engineered for commercial use! Add an overhead door, eavelights, or vents.  Whatever you need we can add to the building.

 It comes with our easy to understand installation booklet and plans if you want to install it yourself or have our knowledgeable, experienced, professional building crew come and build it for you in three days!

The pole building as pictured includes engineered plans (at 25# snow, 120 wind and B exposure) all the poles, bolts, screws, trusses, nails and steel siding, Kiln-dried lumber package, one entry door, two 6x10’6” sliding doors and all hardware needed to build this M&W Pole Building.

Call 1-800-547-1714 for further information, to send message to us CLICK THIS LINK..

October 2018 Special
30 x 36 x 10



October 2018 Featured Offer

Do you wish you had your own “Toy Box”? 

Pole barns are not just for horses anymore!  M & W Building Supply can build you your own personal “Toy Box”! A Pole building makes the perfect toy box, easy to install, economical, safe, maintenance free, easy to insulate and secure and safe for all of those valuable toys!

Just imagine having your own garage to work on your bike, car, model train or household projects!  It’s a do-it-yourselfer’s dream to have a space for all the tools, toys, cars and room to work!  Let M&W build a pole barn for you, designed by you for your needs.  Our experienced professional crews can build this building for you in 4 days!  

Need to save some money?  Buy just the kit and build it yourself!  We supply all of the pole barn materials, drawings, and an instruction booklet. Or let our experienced building crews build this for you in 4 days!

This “Toy Box” includes three 10x8 overhead doors, one steel entry door with steel frame.  Site specific engineered plans (25# snow, 120 wind, “B” exposure), all Pressure Treated truss bearing poles, trusses, screws, bolts and nails needed to put it together.

Call 1-800-547-1714 for further information, to send message to us CLICK THIS LINK..

September 2018 Fall Special
24 x 36 x 12’6”
Garage/ Storage/ Shop
Pole Building



 Pole building garage

Store your cars or create your own personal storage unit or workshop!

M&W Building Supply specializes in putting together easy do-it-yourself custom pole building packages for the weekend handyman! 
Design your own building so it fits your needs and we will deliver it to you!
Don’t want to spend your weekends doing construction?  Let our experienced professional construction crews build it for you!

The building pictured here comes complete with site specific engineered drawings.  This one is quoted with a 25# snow load, 120 wind and B exposure. 
The pole building package comes complete with all the 6x6 pressure treated posts, trusses, metal building insulation, 2x6 MSR Kiln dried lumber, painted steel roofing, walls and trim, (with a 40 year paint warranty!) and all the screws, nails and bolts needed to put it together. 

This pole building has one steel entry door, one steel overhead door (16x10), one 4’x3’ white vinyl window, and 18” overhangs. Engineered for 25# snow, 120 wind and “B” exposure.  

Call 1-800-547-1714 for further information, to send message to us CLICK THIS LINK..



We are back with a special on our most popular shop/garage combo!  This no frills garage has enough room for all of your projects and storage!  A pole building garage if the perfect end of summer project.  Summer is going fast and we have the answer for your last minute projects.  A three car garage that will keep your cars and toys safe and dry for years to come with low or no maintanance!  M&W Building Supply uses only the highest quality materials  so you “Get more bang for your buck!”  Our experienced professional designers and builders will help you with your project from start to finish whether you are building it yourself or our crews are installing the building for you, you get what YOU want!


This month’s special is a 36’ wide by 48’ long and is 14’ high at the eave.  It comes with Pressure treated truss bearing posts, trusses, MBI, nails, screws and bolts needed to put it together.  This one is sheeted in steel with metal building insulation in the roof.  (If you would like comp. roofing or wood siding we can do that too!).   It has one entry door and one 10x12 overhead door and two 10x10 overhead doors for and room for all of your toys!

Call 1-800-547-1714 for further information, to send message to us CLICK THIS LINK..


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